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The intent of these specifications is to define a device, system, method, etc. (hereafter referred to as "system") that will reduce gaseous matter in the diesel exhaust generated by internal combustion engines and meet all applicable federal, state, and local standards. Apparatus-mounted does not require more than one system to fully protect your firefighters. For example, hanging hoses require firefighters to inhale the toxic gases when hooking up the hose.


The system shall reduce gaseous matter from the engine and the system shall be completely automatic, not requiring action by any personnel at any time, with the exception of "normal maintenance."

Normal functioning of the system is in no way detrimental to the operation of the vehicle. Further, the system has an indicator light on the cab dash if the back pressure exceeds 1.5 PSI.  At 1.5 PSI the system needs servicing by an authorized Ward Diesel technician.


The system shall consist of a catalyst made of a porous ceramic material with proprietary wash coat measuring 13 inches in diameter and 13 inches long*.  The catalyst is designed and manufactured specifically to reduce gaseous matter from diesel exhaust. The system is also designed to handle the higher exhaust temperatures seen in 2007 and newer vehicles during active regeneration.  The substrate is encased in stainless steel with a high-temperature cushioning material between the ceramic and stainless steel. In most applications, the system is installed inline with the vehicle exhaust.

System installation shall be completed and tested at the customer's location, or the provider's location as determined in the original purchase order agreement. Additionally, the provider will explain the operation and maintenance of the system to the personnel who will be responsible for routine maintenance. 

A written warranty will be provided to ensure that the system is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of installation.

*measurement of large filter

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