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SPEC WARD DIESEL NO SMOKE 2 ON ALL NEW TRUCKS 2007 Model Engines and beyond!

What’s new on 2007 model engines?

Due to environmental mandates by the EPA, your new 2007 truck is equipped with an exhaust After-Treatment Device (ATD) that reduces particulate emissions for the environment but not toxic gaseous matter in the firehouse (as measured by OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits PELs)


WARD DIESEL NO SMOKE 2 is an exciting new product improvement and enhancement by Ward Diesel Filter Systems. The new high performance substrate with proprietary wash coat removes gaseous matter on 2007 model engines. 2007 model engines address emissions for the environment. WARD DIESEL NO SMOKE 2 provides the clean air you need in the firehouse, within the enclosed structure, for an important health and safety upgrade.

Can WARD DIESEL NO SMOKE 2 be installed on older vehicles such as 2006 and earlier?

Yes, WARD DIESEL NO SMOKE 2 can be retrofitted to older vehicles as well. Note: it must be a diesel vehicle.

The exhaust temperatures on the 2007 model engines are extremely hot, will there be an impact on the substrate?

No, WARD DIESEL NO SMOKE 2 will not be compromised in any way due to these hotter temperatures. Exhaust temperatures on 2007 model engines and beyond are between 250 – 300 degrees hotter. The substrate was designed for new diesel exhaust temperatures and far exceeds any temperatures seen on board a mobile diesel engine.

Will the new 2007 model engines with temperatures ranging from 250 – 300 degrees hotter melt hanging exhaust hoses in the firehouse?

Yes, the new engine exhaust temperatures will in 1) worst case scenario melt the hanging exhaust hose and 2) best case scenario severely compromise the structural integrity of the hose, thereby shortening the life cycle of the hose.

Will WARD DIESEL NO SMOKE 2 void any manufacturer’s engine warranty?

No, the installation of WARD DIESEL NO SMOKE 2 will not void any engine warranty. The installation of the WARD DIESEL NO SMOKE 2 health and safety product in no way violates any law or directive of any agency whether it be federal, state or local.

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